Welcome to Park Place

Welcome to Park Place Medical Spa in Granger, where you can pamper yourself and your skin with the latest and greatest in all things aesthetics & body contouring.

Not sure what a medical spa is? Park Place Medical Spa features non-surgical medical, aesthetic, and anti-aging services with a day spa vibe. Our providers are highly educated, licensed medical professionals.

At Park Place Medical Spa, we believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. So whether you’re a fresh-faced twenty-something or a Golden Girl, we’ll treat you like the goddess you are. And if you’re a man who thinks skincare is just for the ladies, well, think again, buddy! We’ve got plenty of treatments tailored just for you. Like seriously, who doesn’t love the age of the dad bod?!

The Girls are ready and waiting to make you feel right at home. Just don’t forget to leave your worries at the door—you won’t be needing them here! So come on down to Park Place Medical Spa in Granger, where you can relax, rejuvenate, and spend time with your new besties.

But don’t let our medical focus fool you—we won’t make you feel like you’re in a sterile clinic. We know how to have a good time too. Our staff loves to joke around and have fun, so don’t be afraid to crack a smile or two. After all, when you come to Park Place, you’re not going to any old medical spa in Granger. You’re coming to The Girls. We’re basically the middle ground between the spice girls & Charlie’s Angels, but also we give a killer facial and can get you a smoking hot beach body.

Our medical spa offers a wide range of services, from traditional facials to advanced skin rejuvenation treatments and revolutionary body contouring. We even provide cosmetic injections and laser anti-aging treatments if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Don’t worry; we know what we’re doing. You’re not going to walk away looking like a plastic doll or a hairless cat.

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